Mike Singer has been an attorney concentrating on defending his clients for his entire career, successfully defending clients in all seven Courts in Hendricks County, in the three Town Courts and in many of the courtrooms in adjacent counties.  Attorney Singer, whose Avon law office is convenient to all parts of the county, knows the local rules and procedures of the nearby courts the way only someone who has always been on the side of the Defendant can do.  

Ask your friends who are familiar with Hendricks County.  They will tell you:  You need someone experienced, trustworthy, fair and capable.  You must not trust your future with someone who will not take the time to listen to you and help you. You need someone who will never hand off your case to a beginning associate instead of doing the work himself.  They will tell you those are the reasons they retained Mike Singer and urge you to do the same.   

Mike also knows that the best way to ensure a successful defense is not a cookie-cutter-one-size-fits-all approach, but one that is individualized to each particular set of circumstances.  When an aggressive, hard-hitting defense is to a client's advantage, his courtroom record shows he backs down to no one. However, when a more reasoned and deliberate approach would be more effective, he is equally willing to use his strong negotiating skills.  Finally, he realizes that the most important consideration to his clients should be successful results which allow them to get on with their lives. 

 Legal problems, whether they are criminal or financial or an intertwined set,  are often puzzling, challenging and even frightening to most people. A plain talking, insightful and experienced lawyer like Mike Singer can work to defend your rights and guide you through this difficult and confusing time of your life. 

  The list on the right hand side of the page gives a small sample of the types of cases he has handled.  Please call 272-4545 during office hours  or see the page "Types of Cases Handled" for more Details.

 Contact the Law Office of Michael Singer at 317-272-4545 or come by in person to discuss your case and learn your rights and responsblities.

Checks and most major Credit Cards Accepted

Michael Singer is  licensed to handle cases in every county in Indiana and has maintained his office in the Hendricks County/Avon area for over thirty years.


The Avon Law Office of Michael Singer concentrates on felony and misdemeanor cases including:


Resisting Arrest

Marijuana and other Drug Arrests

Probation Violation

Domestic Battery

Disorderly Conduct

Public Intoxication

Habitual Offenders

Sealing of Criminal Records

Juvenile Matters


Illegal traffic Stops






The  Avon Law Office of Michael Singer concentrates on the following civil matters:


Personal Injury  


 MasterCard, Visa, Discover as well as cash and checks are accepted.


Contact Information

Michael F. Singer

 Attorney at Law

 Avon, IN 46123



  317 272-4545





Business hours

   8:30-4:30 M-F